Spring Workshops 2018

The Barry Bennett Belfast Workshops bring together key suppliers of assistive technology hardware and software, and those working with SEN students in secondary and higher education.

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Apple technology - empowering everyone
The true power of a device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how it empowers you. Apple believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. This is why every Apple product has powerful and easy to use accessibility built in.

This workshop from GBM will look at how this is achieved, focusing on how accessibility enables students with disabilities including vision, hearing, or motor skills to access all the functionality of their Mac. We will also be looking at ways in which Windows applications can be run on a Mac allowing access to a wide range of assistive software.

GBM are an Apple Solution Expert for Education, providing training and support to meet all your accessibility requirements.
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Strategies for beating anxiety in lecture and seminars using Sonocent, for better learning outcomes.

The emotional impact of mental health concerns can frequently affect a student’s cognition and ability to concentrate, making it difficult to take notes during lectures and classes. This difficulty may be exacerbated by an increased tendency to make spelling miscues or producing illegible notes by rushing.

Attend this seminar to discover proven techniques using Sonocent, that will allow students to overcome these barriers and produce better learning outcomes.
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Claro Software

Claro Software develops software for people with print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, vision problems, and communication difficulties like autism and aphasia.

We make innovative, cost-effective, easy-to-use products on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone, and on the Web. Our software and apps read any text aloud in high quality voices and lots more.
Come and find out what we have and how it can help make reading and writing less stressful, whether you use Chromebook or iPad or Windows. Bring your questions, see what’s new and what’s coming up this year from us. At the very least see ClaroRead, ScanPen and ClaroPDF in action!
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FindMyFlow – A comprehensive study resource that uniquely combines Study Skills with Assistive Technology
Join us for an interactive tour of the innovative online application that is FindMyFlow. FindMyFlow is an online study aid designed to bring together both Assistive Technology and study skills in a way that shows the user not only the features of the AT products but most importantly where and how those features fit with their studies and the completion of their academic work.

You will be guided through each of the core areas of FindMyFlow (Notetaking, Reading & Research, Essay Writing, Revision and Presentations) looking at the video, text and interactive content. We will look at the benefits of online resources in the changing way that users need support and how FindMyFlow works alongside existing support structures and training. We will finish the session with a brief Q&A and one final reveal!!!
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Global AutoCorrect
LexAble is a dynamic software company based in Cardiff. They will be demonstrating the latest versions of Global AutoCorrect: a discreet tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes and typos in real time. It works straight out of the box, in every program, instantly correcting millions of misspellings. It now has over 130 specialist dictionaries installed, covering many subjects from Medical to Maths, Geography to Geology, Law to Landscape garden design, and Physics to Philosophy. You can even add your own corrections! The beauty of the software is that it allows you to focus on the content of your writing, then work on your spelling in your own time. There is a Windows and Mac version available
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Hearing impairment
Hosted by Dan Wilson from Barry Bennett, this workshop session will provide delegates with a greater understanding of some of the challenges faced by hearing impaired learners. It will also focus on the latest hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices available to support students in a range of different study environments.

In relation to hearing impairment technology, there are many technical considerations to be made when specifying equipment for hearing aid users. At Barry Bennett, we believe that students deserve the opportunity to trial any assistive technology being recommended, through provision of ‘hands-on’ technology assessments. These should provide dedicated time to explore the technology in the environment where it will be used; therefore guaranteeing suitability and compatibility with existing equipment. By working closely alongside assessment centres, we can ensure that students receive an individualised service that will equip them with the most appropriate solution for the duration of their studies.

For those delegates that have previously attended our hearing impairment workshops, this will serve as a refresher and an opportunity to look at the latest technology available to hearing impaired learners.
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KAZ - Neurodiverse Typing Software BETT Awards Finalist 2019

KAZ’s new specialized Neurodiverse edition was developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust and is suitable for individuals with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s, amongst others.

It teaches typing skills whilst minimising visual disturbances by means of a unique preference screen – tailoring the course to the user for maximum visibility comfort. The multi-sensory program uses a proven 'accelerated learning' teaching method. Incorporating both ‘brain balance’ and ‘muscle memory’, it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective.

The KAZ presentation will include:
• A brief run through of the software.
• Outline the justifications of using KAZ software and how it meets the needs and challenges experienced by neurodivergent individuals.
• Discuss the pros and cons against free software and other assistive technology, including 'Speech to Text’.
• Discuss their new City & Guilds Assured edition – equipping successful candidates with a digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, CVs and job applications.

KAZ's Neurodiverse edition offers students an alternate method of learning and communicating and equips them with a portable 'life skill' which they can use past education, through to employment and life.
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There are many Mind Mapping software titles available but there is only one that combines the accessibility, assistive and academic functionality to a level that is appropriate for a university student.

In this workshop we will outline the assistive and academic features which make MindView the most widely used Mind Mapping software at universities in the UK. We will also outline the work that goes on behind the scenes to make MindView truly accessible and compliant software product.

Seminar Outline:
  • How MindView became a tool purpose built for the DSA
  • The Three A’s (Academic, Assistive and Accessibility)
  • Why students choose MindView?
  • Study skills tricks and tips
MindView is changing it’s offering to DSA Students from the 1st February. Come to this workshop to find out more.

“As an undergrad student, I make my lecture notes directly into mind maps. Then not only do I have the visual prompts, but the slick exporting facility allows me to turn my maps into a Word document which acts as the perfect revision guide. It’s also great for planning out assignments where I can dump ideas quickly and then organise them later on.” Naomi Fallon - Undergraduate student University of Central Lancashire (Sept 2018)
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Note Taking Express’ NTEhub

NTEhub is being released on 1st June 2019 by the Notetalker and Note Taking Express teams as part of a completely new DSA offering for the 2019/20 academic year. The note writing and study companion breaks new ground by being the first web-based software of its kind released for the DSA. NTEhub combines a versatile project management tool with an accessible interface for lecture capture and note writing.

NTEhub was launched in North America in 2018 and is used by almost 300 institutions across the USA and Canada. Join us for our workshop where we will demonstrate our software.
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Present Pal
"Present Pal is a presentation support software which enables users to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation.With 93% of students having to present as part of their course and 86% of students with dyslexia actively fearing this, Present Pal helps users to conquer their public speaking anxiety.

Present Pal is a newly approved DSA product which officially launched in September 2018 and is already supporting students in over 50 UK universities. It works like a set of interactive flashcards on your smartphone or tablet with dyslexia friendly features such as colour overlays, magnified scrolling and pop up bubbles.

Join Present Pal's workshop to receive a demonstration of the software, hear how we're working with Microsoft's Accessibility team and ask any questions you may have! All attendees will receive a free Present Pal license and will have the opportunity to sign up for future webinars and CPD training."
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Join us for a guided tour around the great features within Pro-Study. This will be a great opportunity for you to see the latest revision of Pro-Study and to refresh your knowledge. Pro-Study is the essential, innovative study tool that collects and organises your research, text, graphs and images in a single click and stores it all in a dedicated database that is easily accessible. It quickly and effortlessly categorises your research topics by grabbing your specifically selected text and images from Websites, PDFs, MS Word and just about anywhere else you can select text and saving it into your personalised colour coded category tabs. If text cannot be selected Pro-Study has an OCR feature that makes inaccessible text accessible, a very useful tool when accessing online books etc. You can also drag and drop whole files into your Pro-Study categories within your projects.

Pro-Study provides quick hyperlinks back to the original sources as well as online cloud space, so you are never too far away from your priceless research. It also allows you to export your research as either a whole project or as individual categories into Microsoft Word or your favourite Mindmapping software with all the referencing done for you in the required style and format.
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Reading Pens: Their impact in the last 12 months and the benefits for students and institutions.
Throughout the workshop we’ll be informing you of how students are affected by the implementation of the C-Pen ReaderPen and C-Pen ExamReader.

We’ll detail the in-depth study hosted by the Bath Spa University that produced some surprising findings around the reading pens.

For your convenience, a representative of Scanning Pens Ltd will also clarify the DSA legislation for the pens as well as any access arrangements that might be needed. Along with a quick Q&A, we’ll be giving advice on the best practice for the pens and informing you on how exactly they can change the lives of your students.
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Software Comparisons
Due to the success of this session we are running it again with updated product information.
During this workshop, we will cover the main software supplied through the DSA, focussing on the products which are similar in general features, but which have many alternative features that could benefit recommendation of the software.

The aim is to compare the different features of the software, demonstrating the use of these differences and giving delegates the knowledge required to be able to differentiate between them by looking at the advantages of each. This session is highly suited to both new and experienced assessors.
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Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

“The importance of creating positive environment and providing holistic assessment and support”

With the number of students disclosing mental health issues to their universities significantly increasing over recent academic years it is clear that it is now a key issue for the sector to address.

In June 2018, the Universities Minister in England, Sam Gyimah, said that universities “risk failing an entire generation of students” unless they improve their mental health services for students.
However, without addressing and reducing the stigma associated with having mental health problems students will continue to be reticent in seeking help until they reach crisis point.

This session will seek to explore how DSA and university support can be brought together in a complimentary way to:

  • destigmatise and reduce negative perceptions of mental health
  • promote early disclosure and help seeking behaviour
  • provide individualised assessments
  • recommend effective personal and academic supports.
    With the aim of:
  • enhancing the personal resilience and independence of students
  • improving student experience.
Please note: the session will be interactive so access to a personal smart device (tablet or phone) will be required for attendees to fully participate.
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Since 1988, Spellex has been a leader in British Assistive Technology Solutions by equipping learning-disabled students with the tools that can make the difference between success or failure in the classroom. By using the right Spellex solution, students can improve their writing skills, reading comprehension, and self-confidence. They can reduce errors, perform at higher rates, and compete at an even level with typical or non-disabled students. Our superior products, innovation, and total quality commitment have kept Spellex in the forefront of the British Assistive Technology field for 30 years.

Our presentation will cover the full line of the Spellex DSA products that provide basic literacy assistance for students and professionals. Spellex is designed for all students with dyslexia and other communication challenges and is especially useful in the fields of nursing, medicine, science, law, and other fields requiring knowledge of special terminology. Spellex features include speech-to-text, text-to-speech, word definitions and pronunciations, advanced British spelling and error reporting, a magnifying reading ruler, a dyslexic-readable font, and custom colour management for better readability. Spellex integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Dragon.
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Texthelp products to support the entire student journey
Join this workshop to find out what’s new with Texthelp’s product portfolio including the new app which enables Text-To-Speech on the go on phones and tablets.

See how the products ensure no aspect of a student's journey is inaccessible from the moment they view your website right through to starting their course with our literacy and STEM support across all platforms including mobile devices.